Gaurav Gatha is structured around the idea, that the youth, India’s most formidable resource, has few creative platforms to express nationalistic sentiment. There is pressing need for a forum for creative young minds to showcase feelings about the nation to bring about the change that they envision through art. A confluence of Youth, Music, Patriotism and Mass Awakening is aimed at through this initiative.

India being a nation of values, culture and diversity has skewed from the path of unimpeded nationalistic thought. Our Youth, which constitutes more than half of our nation’s population, needs to be inspired to believe and express what our forefathers who shaped the nation stood for.

Our country is rich in the diversity of its cultural heritage and hence an art form that is uniform across the nation is chosen to represent nationalistic sentiment; Poem. Through this sublime art,Gaurav Gatha aims to integrate the dissociated and waning patriotism while ensuring a platform for writers and poets to portray their art in front of the country and in turn to inspire this billion plus nation.