Rules and Regulations


  • Gaurav Gatha is a patriotic poem writing competition aimed restoring the sense and feeling of patriotism for the country.
  • Prizes and recognition is outlined. Effort of the team is to provide an efficient platform for the talent to foster.


  • Entries may be submitted from anywhere in the world. The Competition is open to everyone, there is no restriction on age, race or nationality.

Entrant Identity

  • Participation must submit the entry using entrant’s real name. Prizes can only be awarded to a real person, as they have to submit information supporting their real identity.


  • Entries must be entirely the work of the Participant and must not have been published or have won a prize in any other competition.
  • Entry must not exceed 1500 words in Hindi or English.
  • Each entry will be judged according to the criteria set by Gaurav Gatha Team.
  • The name of the writer or any other identifying marks must not appear on the submitted entry.
  • Alterations can be made to submitted entries by visiting the entry submission form again and logging in with your registered user name
  • Entries should not have any obscene, objectionable, offensive, defamatory or libelous content.
  • A person is allowed to submit a maximum of 3 entries [irrespective of the language]
  • Entries will be made available to public for the purposes of reading.
  • If a person wants to withdraw his/her entry after submission or change his submission he will have to mail the request to with the poem’s submission ID.
  • Before the winners are announced, they will be contacted to verify their identity as filled in the poem submission form.
  • Organizers or their family members shall not be eligible to enter the competition.

Submission Date

  • The poems will have to be submitted online till midnight (IST) of 15th November 2020.
  • Please refer to the important dates chart.


  • The copyright of each entry remains with the author and with Rakshak Foundation.
  • Rakshak Foundation retains the right to publish the entries as it may require in order to promote Gaurav Gatha and achieve it’s goals.
  • Entrants making comments during the competition grant Rakshak Foundation permission to publish these comments on the Rakshak Foundation website.


  • Gaurav Gatha has been put in place to promote the sense of culture and patriotism in the society. It’s main aim is to produce rich literature and disseminate it to the masses. Participant agrees to respect this feeling and agrees not to initiate any legal proceeding of any sense anywhere against Rakshak Foundation.


  •  All winners will be notified by email or by telephone. The winning entries, poets/writers, their names and brief biographical information will be published on Gaurav Gatha website.

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