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Rakshak Foundation’s Online Patriotic poem program is an unique competition to restore the sense and feeling of patriotism for the country.

Literature has always played its part in the society. All we know of history and times immemorial is from the accounts left by the poets and writers of those era. From American and French Revolution to India’s war of independence, all struggles have found their origin in writings of genius from the days. Edward Lytton has very correctly concluded that “Pen is mightier than the sword” and we all do realize that. How many times it has happened to you that after reading a couplet or listening to a poem, you are left awe struck and wondering as to how could some one present to you your own thoughts, so simply and so naturally.

On this pretext of realizing the power of pen and putting it to work, we take great pleasure in inviting all the budding writers across the country to participate in this patriotic poem competition. Rakshak Foundation is a non profit organization, a venture by patriotic nationalists, who have always striven hard to pay a tribute to their motherland in whichever small way they could.

With this aim in mind, we take a step forward and present to you an opportunity to contribute to the rich heritage of literature which inherits from the legacy of Dinkar, Nirala and Gupt. This poem competition aims to revive the fading interest of youth in Literature and patriotism. We not only want to encourage writers by providing them a national platform to exhibit their work but also tickle the literary buds of enthusiastic readers.

After office hours or study break, it could just take a couple of moments for a thought to strike and rest is flirting with language and playing with words. So what are you waiting for, get down to write a poem that would set the adrenaline levels to soar. It would definitely be ” The thing” that you would be proud of and you would certainly be “the man” that country would be proud of. So if you have a quest for deriving pride and contributing to your motherland, this is your chance…!!!


  1. purshottam abbi' azer'

    July 15, 2012

    ग़ज़ल १
    अपने वतन की ख़ुशबू ,फैली है कुल जहाँ में
    रौशन हुए हैं तारे, धरती के आसमाँ में

    हर पत्ता है अनूठा,हर गुल की छवि निराली
    सौ रंग के ये बूटे हैं, किसके गुलसिताँ में

    धामे हुए हैं सब ही, इक दूसरे के बाज़ू
    चेहरे अलग- अलग हैं,वैसे तो कारवाँ में

    इतिहास की जबाँ पर,ज़िंदा रही है अब तक
    इक दास्ताँ हमारी. दुनिया की दास्ताँ में

    नादान हैं वो “आज़र” जो जानते नहीं हैं
    यदि शँख में है जादू, तो रंग हैं अजाँ में

    ग़ज़ल २
    अपने लहू से सींचो ,अब प्यार के चमन को
    जड़ से उखाड़ फेंको ,तुम नफरतों के वन को

    ये विश्व है तुम्हार ,ये विश्व है तुम्ही से
    धरती को जगमगाओ ,रौशन करो गगन को

    माना है काम मुश्किल ,पर कर सको तो कर लो
    खुद को बदल के देखो, पूरा करो वचन को

    धरती पे बोझ बन कर ,जीने से क्या है हासिल
    कुर्बान हक़ पे करदो ,मिटटी के तन- बदन को

    चमकेगा तू भी “आज़र” ,तारों के साथ नभ में
    चुप-चाप सह सका गर जीवन की हर तपन को

    पुरुषोत्तम अब्बी “आज़र “

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