Wonderful nation

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I ponder, that I know;
those borders are’nt lines
on a map tucked aside.
It has meaning, it’s a mark.
Into the nation, we are told,
we fall in as a loyal one.
We are bound to come to
make this land proud.
How could I fail
to understand the trail
where no one was namesake
and the substance was real.
Those colors on the flag
aren’t just art of hands
but a symbol of what for
this nation stands.
So varied, so unique,
the world had so much
to learn from this land,
like a stream flowing grand.
With a culture to feel
that it dawns, it reveals,
and the people fortunate
they were fed from this plate.
This is my homeland,
my dear motherland.
For every reason to say
my great fortune today.

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