I ‘m flowing with the wind.
Walking alone, by putting smile, on my face….
But you know! It all a lie.
I wore the same mask till i die?

There is dust of broken faith.
Jamming the rays, to fall, on right place….
Want to get rid off ,…this mess,
OR  I  being blind by their sake?

I’ve always hated the world.
It likes,they always wanted to try and control us…..
I Tried to look the same
Did i kill, myself for them?

I ‘m standing in between,
The sand of hourglass, just fall and drift by….
Making me older,making me weak
Is this me or you feeling the same?

Above the earth,beyond the brain
Where being worst, doesn’t haunts my shine….
Where everyone listen what i signs
place, where i enjoy my rain.
Is this real or just my dream?






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