Finally Humane grounds to the error
Rest lies to the god’s server
I landed in the beautiful mirage
Oh…so you landed in a money garage!
An animal in another animal
Des himmels in small infinitesimals
Where forth this humanity foresees?

Finally humane grounds to the error
Rest lies with the god’s server
Blood on the hands
With funerals under the bands
Funerals celebrated than rest alot
Where can they be never again bought
Animals in lower stage
So are they put in cage
But where did you come from? A maze
Where forth this humanity foresee?

Great are your ancestors
But proud are your success
A fruit obtained without looking up
Acute served without working up….
Dubious tales are of your parents
But still dubious are of your richness
Why would I accuse one another else for my mistakes
It is the accused of my own behaviour to remain inhumane in my stakes!
Where forth does this humanity foresee?






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