In The Surge Of Blood

Composed by Akashdeep Dhar
With the deep wounds of the past, I still remain,
Red ran dry and left back in an unbearable pain.
I carry in my mind, the same old fear;
Sufering, in the wait, to see it disappear.
Obstinacy in its veins, it vows to last,
Long, brandishing the blood thirsty cutlass.
Break loose, they dig into my guts deep;
Pure crimson fowing out through a big leak.
Patched up to glory and returned to the feld,
Vengeance was the only path visible to me.
In a surge of blood to my head, I recall ;
The nights, spent awake, I’ll prove this to all!
Rendered nearly lifeless with a sudden betray,
With a heartbreak, too hard to handle.
Come for me! Instead of relying on the fate;
I’d fght you. I’d rather bleed to my death.
Warcry becomes louder as the moment closes in,
Prepared to fght in a place we’re not supposed to be.
To rewrite the rules, To paint it on the walls;
That we’d rule and you’d be the one who falls!
Own turns against own, still a truth we deny,
Bereft of all guilt. Unheard will go our cries.
In a surge of blood to my heart, I still crawl;
Still limp but don’t give in to this fall!
Flags and swords remain there, painted red,
All sides lost, damned in a futile struggle.
Those ruling kingdoms, voiding sentiments;
To make a kill, lie here in eternal silence.
With the trade turning too expensive on me,
Peace can’t be aforded, harmony is luxury.
Punished to see those innocent faces again;
The guilt inside devours me into a nightmare.
Having back the rule still feels like a battle lost,
Seeing warm afection of ours turn into frost.
In a surge of blood to my mind, I was caught;
Sacrifces went in vain and it was all my fault!
All the violence and the war took its toll on me,
Those moments pull me out of all the sanity.
Families torn into pieces, children orphaned;
A happy past was just a memory getting faint.
They don’t have a punishment for my guilty head,
Too heavy of a burden to carry, nowhere to rest.
Old comrades stop me from a self-chastise;
I’d rather start hearing to those painful cries.
I’ll be here, dedicate myself to serve this place,
Its all on me, so it will be me to clear this mess.
In a surge of blood to my soul, I’ll be reborn;
To cure all the wounds that I have torn!






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