#Let Humanism Be!!!!
Let the life be at an instance,
Where everything goes dark,
There is dusk all around;
Fears and disappointment in you!!
Where success and failure,
Counterparts of evil desires,
Make you a sin.
Where ideology is trapped,
By mind-boggling sociology,
Leaving behind a massacre in you.
Where diplomacy of selfishness-
Gives the output of injustice
Truth becomes opaque by wrong aspects!!!
Where millions of hearts oust-
Humanism to take within terrorism;
Giving shelter to the dreadful root!!!
Where life becomes opaque by 24 hours,
For thou when hunger dies,
Forgetting the span of 86400 seconds!!
Where the crucial stand,
Has to face emptiness-
By the dreary jealousy
Where the new births of infants,
Are in contrast to broadness of mind,
And every soul becomes dead.
Where the molestations are increasing,
And the victims are crying;
And the world is sleeping!
In those upheavals of world,
Be the one,
To proclaim that-
Even in the darkest of hours,
Let the mind be lightest.
In the closed room of fears,
One spark of light,
Has the power to dispel,
The whole blackness.
Giving the hope to men,
To rise,
Above Non-Humanity-
Giving the hope of #Let Humanism Be!!!






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