Salute To The Indian Soldiers!

For us they are on border,
Who can’t break the order.
Who always ready to sacrifice,
They are as hard as Himalayan ice.
Salute to the Indian soldiers!

Because of them we are alive,
And, we are secure in Indian hive.
Who always look for command,
Who have only one brand.
Salute to the Indian soldiers!

They fight in Battle without any fear,
There is no security of future year.
Who don’t know the difference of day and night,
Who always ready to fight.
Salute to the Indian soldiers!

Who celebrate their festivals with bullets and guns,
We play Holi with colours;
But they play with rifles and guns.
They know only one colour which is ‘Blood Red’.
Salute to the Indian soldiers!

We complain for hot and cold day,
While they stay in harsh Siachen everyday.
They are never sure of their own life,
They don’t know will they ever meet his daughter, son, and wife.
Salute to the Indian soldiers!

Their village’s routes are best friends of their wife.
Why Politicians play with their life?
And, why payment of their life is done by some amount of money,
Is that all our duty towards our great Indian Army?
Again and again salute to the Indian soldiers!






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