the backbone of a soldier

O my mother
I am going to serve
my other mother
please my dear don’t cry
I will return soon and bring wrinkles of pride
on your face with laughter
I may die but hide your sorrow in your mind
I know it will not be less than crime
but I know you will do it for my sake
O my mother
I will return either with cries or joys
but surely make you feel proud
I plead you if I will return with mourns
lay the tricolour flag on my royal breast
and bury my cadaver in the mud of nation
Alack! Life is short to serve
but no worries I will try best
to pay tribute towards nation
which is towards my countrymen
and bring smile of peace on their faces
and force their heart
to vow for our tribute
This is a small payment towards my mother
my pride and a true symbol of flag
where saffron represent hindus
the white shows peace and unity
and green represent muslims,
chakra shows antique






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