Tiranga guards the land of courage, sacrifice and Heroism.
India’s first THE “National War Memorial”.
Adjoining iconic INDIA GATE in the heart of capital
Erected to honor soldiers.

Concentric circles with patriotic beats
Pay homage to our brave immortal men.
Boost up the sense of devotion
Arouse the feeling of nationalism.

Circle of immortality – Amar Chakra
With the central obelisk and an eternal flame.
Engraved with “shaheed ki mazaro par” – symbolises perpetual gratitude to national war deeds.
The love and light lays inside building connections in every dimensions.

Six bronze murals potray
” circle of bravery “- Veerta Chakra
Strengthening the mindset to grow from pain.
Unite to quash the insane.

Tyag Chakra with the names of 25,942 soldiers, inscribed beautifully in Golden letters.
Admirable ” Circle of sacrifices” gives goosebumps.
Then it is understood that – “This is the Glory in Life”

Outermost Rakshak Chakra comprises rows of 600 trees.
Guarding national solidarity of India.
To raise a toast to the life and sacrifices of soldiers.
Still reassuring safety of citizens via “circle of protection”

The ParamVeer Yoddha samarak
For valor and bravery
Is a self Assurance just in different way.
Saluting the sacrifices for our peace.

Beating the Retreat ceremony
A must experience event.
Evening brings down the national flag,
To be hosted again with pride at Sunrise.
Showing steady dedication for lifetime.






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