Be a bish!
This is for all the ladies and girls,
You deserve all the respect in the world
Your body isn’t weak, it’s their souls who think it is,
You’re just as powerful as them, those who call you small are just full of frizz
You don’t need to fit in glass slippers, shatter the glass walls that hold you back,
Because when free, only then will you be strong, you won’t need to hide behind walls or peep thru cracks
No one can tell you what to wear or how to speak, you will be the queen of your own thoughts and body,
Dress what makes you feel confident and face the crowd as a proud lady
Don’t change yourself to be likable, you don’t need to be a good girl to be loved,
Be how the world deserves to know you, be bold, never numbed
Love fiercely and have deep feelings, that’s a quality which makes you special,
You will be what people heed in pain and trouble, you’ll be their lifeline, you’ll be crucial
Loving yourself should be on top of your list, your self-respect higher than Mount Everest
Because no one can help you except yourself, your goals are your dreams, your quest
Don’t look for a knight, be one for all,
Be so great that they can’t pull you down but help those below you, who are weak and crawl
You can have real flaws, you don’t need to hide them,
But also have great qualities, deserve the people and the respect you wish from
Be like water, soft enough to give them lives,
But if they cross the bar, drown them down with your knives!






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