Despite the Cricket mania,
Hockey managed to be the national game of India.
1928 to 1956 was the peak time of Indian Hockey under star hero Dhyanchand,
when the team had brought six consecutive Olympic gold medals to homeland.
But the flow of time resulted in extinct of magical Indian touch and their juggling feats,
and thus no more Hockey is in star lime lights.
Our national pride will soon lose its shine,
due to lack of Indian Hockey fans in the cheering line.
Indian Hockey players are losing the support and
hence the team is unable to bring back the glory that is lost.
The time is here to fight back for the lost Indian Hockey pride,
this would be the best dedication for star hero Dhyanchand.
Let’s join our hands to cheer for Indian Hockey team and
encourage them to perform the best and bring back the GOLDEN ERA of Indian Hockey team.






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