We were born and raised in your lap
And we were breastfeeded with your ethics
Your hard past make us stronger
We will be determined and dedicated
Because we are born to a strong woman
Your sons and daughters who fought for you
Teaches us that one life is not enough to repay your gratitude and to experience your love
Your culture and traditions make our life joyful
The greatness of you is that you create a family even for an orphan
And those brothers who stand at the border and protect you from those dangerous evils
Preventing the spread of that hell into your heaven
Teaches us to be courageous in the time of hardships
And those people who selflessly sacrifice their lives just to feed the country’s stomach
Teaches us the selfless service and our happiness in others satisfaction
And your beauty make us feel peaceful
Finally,I think our real patriotism and love for you lies when we treat our brothers and sisters with respect,love and care






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