By Samarth Kalanke

Quarantine poem:

We sit in the house bored,
Every room we have explored.
Thinking about what happened last,
On March 13th in the past.
SARS Cov-2 keeps us in our houses,
Boring us and the mouses.

Back when Covid wasn’t a threat,
People thought that they had nothing to fret.
Now we think what has happened,
While businesses close down every second.

Everyday we sit there pondering,
With our eyes glued to the news screen.
Wondering what we are going to do for the day,
When most of us can’t even go outside and play.
Ending off the school year on a sad note,
Covid-19 is still in the air afloat.

Different new classes taught through zoom,
While others are canceled but will presume
Later when this quarantine is over,
The other classes will crossover.
When the cure is done,
Everyone will go back to having ful

By Samarth Kalanke






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