Hey I am your Soul
Here to warn you
You are pretty dear to me
But just pretty…
To all population
Did God ever distinguish you
The response is Bit Easy,
So whom we are to differ between us.

From the very beginning,
Humans have developed,
But one thing they can’t throw is..
Their racist mind…
Who don’t know the internal beauty
But the showy features matters it.

Once God said to Raphael…
People will be their own destroyer
Some different thinkers,
Other racist..
And I thought that the fact is truthful…

People often say to me
Look at that fatty
Or how disgusting is that black
But the fact is that
how does that mirror looks
Towards which you are facing.

Whether a black
Or a fat
Or of any religion we are
The one thing in common is that
We all live on earth
Remember humans
That everyone is Gods artefact

To Everyone who is reading…
Racism should be stopped.
For the fate of our Generation
By the power of humankind
To the existing youth

But at last…
Famous lines said by someone
Not every person is racist
But every racist is a person…






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