She want those days back

A mother with tears in her eyes
dropping her tears slowly and slowly
not letting her kids know.
Suffering pain, getting aged
but not letting her kids know.
Providing her kids with every
they need,from the most
cheapest thing to the most
expensive thing she could afford,
but this don’t satisfy her kids they want more and more
all the luxuries they receive from their birth
are not enough, they want more and more .
As the time passes here comes the days
when all her kids are being harmful and toxic to
their own mother.
Cutting chopping trees it gives shelter
to many but it’s like giving wounds to
her. Polluting the seas and ocean is like giving poison to her.
The amount of decease she suffered from and is still suffering
is never noticed by her kid’s cause they never imagined themselves
at her place.
She is suffering so much but she never complains
and she is missing the old days when she was young and healthy,
Where her kids used to love her so much and were not toxic to her and always enjoyed
the gifts she gifted them.
She is really missing those days and want them to be back.






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