Such Is My Country

Such Is My Country

Where streams meander to intertwine into magnificent rivers,
By the banks some swing with the breeze,
Others garner the nectar sucking bees that flit on its premises,
Its bounty has nourished, soothed and nurtured
Generations with anecdotes and experiences,
Its sagacious perspectives render it timeless,
Where the glimmering Sun shines bright
On its plains, deserts, plateaus, snowy peaks alike,
Only to shy away into the heart of the clouds,
Through monsoon to winter then spring and summer,
It sees many seasons but its moods are constant:
Sublime, poignant, selfless and tranquil,
It gushes forth with fruits and flowers,
Textured soils that recount tales from the past,
Where the land hosts many voices,
Yet is firm and steady,
Youth and senility in their varied appearances,
Coexisting with respect for one other,
Such is my country.






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