The Girl with the Paper Wings

The road lies ahead,
Clean, spotless- a smooth path.
The Sun shines from above,
penetrating her glasses,
and into her eyes.
The yellow daffodils spreads around,
like a carpet- undisturbed….
And She? She glides through!

The wind roars in her ears,
Her hair, flying wildly behind.
Blonde, with black streaks,
It reaches midway through and stops,
to show her body too lanky.

Her speed increases second by second,
minute by minute.
A scream leaves her mouth….
and erupts into giggles,
a strange voice- indeed!

She feels her hand gliding behind,
ruffling the soft feathers,
feeling the all-new wings,
As white as milk….

She glides ahead,
and into the glistening Sun.
She tastes the air.
Its unusually sweet…
The pristine taste of freedom!


A dark room,
confined within the four walls.
The dirty dishes lie aside,
to be forgotten….
For now, she is ready,
and so is the cage….
The ‘Cage of Confinement’

She removes her white paper wings- (her only hope)
To be locked forever inside
accompanied by the sweet bubbles
of childhood….

She walks ahead,
Leaving everything behind
Save for the sweet taste of
Now slowly wearing away.






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