The last petal

The Last Petal
– Swikriti Basnet

As the last petal fell
The flower was no more,
She was astounded
That it survived so long.

As she got up to walk back
She uprooted the rest,
Carefully she put it in her bag
And walked back through the rain.

She desperately clenched her jacket tighter
Took long paces and walked faster,
It was getting dark and cold
All she could think of was home.

She floundered and meandered
She was tired to take another step,
She pushed her self harder
For her destiny was much farther.

She felt pain and distress
Fatigue and hunger,
Yet she moved on for her son
Through the storm, much stronger.

Her legs were shaking
Every inch of her body aching,
Drenched from head to toe
Now she didn’t know where to go.

She lost her way through the woods
The night was closing in on her,
From every corner and making her helpless
Like struggling in quicksand is needless.

She checked for the flower
It was damp and seemed fragile,
Even through the storm it stayed with her
Lifeless yet projecting hope.

She recalled in her mind
When the flower was young and bright,
Full of love and happiness
Swaying gracefully in the wind.

Now, as the wind hit against her face
She felt shivers down her spine,
In her heart she longed to be
Next to the flower when it was alive.

She looked around no sign of help
The rain made it harder for her to see,
All she could think of was the flower
How it must has survived many such showers.

Putting up through alot of pain and hardships and
As the last petal fell and the flower was no more,
Adding another to a dismal list
That we could count no more.






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